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Poster 43: Optimizing Chemical Information Workflows by Integrating Reaxys

Sebastian Radestock1
1Elsevier Information Systems GmbH, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
The drug and general chemistry research output from patents, journal articles and public data collections is steadily increasing, alongside the accumulation of proprietary in-house data. At the same time, companies and organization become more and more dependent on collaborations and outsourcing. It is essential to find global enterprise solutions that enable data integration and information sharing within and across internal and external departments. I will discuss new approaches to address this issue by showing how Reaxys modules, such as the Reaxys Structure Flat File and the Reaxys APIs, facilitate chemoinformaticians and information managers to integrate data from Reaxys into their chemical information processing environments. I will present common use cases and applications, and describe successful implementations, illustrating how additional insights and efficiency can be gained.

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